Rich Brian performs at The Fillmore


On October 12th, Indonesian rapper Rich Brian came to Silver Spring, Maryland to perform at The Fillmore concert venue. It was apart of his recently released album “The Sailor” tour.

The first opening act of the concert was DJ Don Krez. He played several well known songs by artists such as Post Malone, XXXTentacion, and more. “He got everyone hype and he knew the songs that would get people in the mood,” sophomore Isra Kertgate said. 

Shortly after Don Krez’s set, R&B artist August 08 came to the stage. He performed several of his popular songs such as “Arizona” and “Hopscotch”. “August 08 did a nice job of slowing things down,” Kertgate said.

Like most concerts, the crowd got wild. “The crowd was insane. They kept pushing, trying to get to the front, and I fell because I was smack in the middle and the crowd of people pushing was really rough,” Kertgate said.

 “However, it was still a really fun and a great experience. Ten out of ten, I would fall again.”

At around 8:30 pm, Rich Brian came to the stage and the crowd roared in excitement. This was definitely the start of the peak of the concert. Everyone sung along and danced. He performed his most popular song “Dat $tick”, along with many of the songs on his “The Sailor” album such as “100 Degrees” and “Confetti”. 

“You’re with a whole group of people that are fans of his and that are enjoying this experience together,” senior Alex Yi said. 

“There’s this sort of vibe that really makes you feel at home and gives you a sense of belonging that you don’t get normally from listening through your phone.”