TikTok takes over schools

The popularity and growth of Tik Tok has been insane ever since school has started. The app was released in September 2016 and there are already one hundred million users on the app. TikTok is used to make comedy, lifestyle, dancing, and many more videos. Many teenagers use this app on a day to day basis so they can keep up with their favorite “TikTok influencers”. 

“I became TikTok famous by posting consistently and by posting the trends and what people wanted to see. People said I look like Billie Eilish so a look alike is a big way to get followers. It’s crazy that people take the time out of their day to look at my page on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. People have fan accounts, edits, and drawings. It’s crazy because you never think people pay that much attention to you until they do” said senior Cerys Jones with a whopping 300K followers on TikTok

You can learn a lot of life lessons on TikTok because there are numerous accounts teaching math, science, and marketing. The app is not only used by teenagers there are people of all ages using and posting. 

“My TikTok went viral because it got on the ‘for you page’ which is a page where TikToks become viral. A lot of people agreed with my opinion so it went viral. What I like about the app is that you can express yourself in whatever way you want, like singing, drawing, and being comedic” said Jocelin Rivera with a TikTok that got over 100K views.

TikTok bought Musically in 2016 and has been a hit ever since. Celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Howie mandelle, and Mariah Carey are popular users on the app. A lot of popular trends have started on the app like vsco and e-girls. 

“I think a good tip about becoming viral is to constantly post videos. People will look at your profile and believe that you create good content. Hopping on the trends of tik tok can also make you viral. I used to think that TikTok was a bad app but later found it to be so funny. The app has a lot of creative content” said Christian Lamn with 14K views and over 50K views on posted tik toks. 

TikTok is very popular for being known as ‘addictive’ to teens. There’s constantly new trends and new videos on the “For You” page that become viral. 

“My first video that hit the “For You” page became viral,” said Lamn. “I really like TikTok, its fun watching everyone live their life differently everyday and I hope this app stays here for a while.”