Disney makes a major comeback

Disney channel has recently come out with an app called Disney +. The app has a bunch of recent and throwback shows such as Good Luck Charlie, Wizards Of Waverly Place, and many more. 

This caused a major outburst with students. Many of them are very excited to relive their childhood with their favorite Disney shows. 

“I think it’s a wonderful idea because our generation really values the memories of our youth, bringing all our favorite shows and movies back it reminds us of a simpler time in our lives,” freshman Ruftana Beyene said. 

The app charges $7.99 a month and you can have multiple users using one account. Many say Disney + is better than other apps such as Netflix and Hulu. They feel as if Disney has more to offer with their favorite Disney shows and movies.

“I love the idea of the app because I can easily access shows that I love to watch. I especially like that there are also marvel movies because those are my all time favorite movies,” freshman Catherine Connell said. 

Disney + also offers Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and many more. You are able to download unlimited movies/ episodes from shows on up to ten devices.  

“I like it because it really brings back nostalgic. It brings back so many memories from when I was younger,” freshman Hannah Vaughn said.