“Megan Is Missing” serves as a terrifying warning

“Megan Is Missing” has recently taken TikTok by storm. People were posting their reactions to the movie, some called it traumatizing and others thinking it wasn’t that bad. The director later came out and apologized to viewers and warned people not to watch it if they have anxiety or any other mental health issues.

The movie was based on a true story where two best friends get kidnapped and killed. Their story is told through a video camera that Megan’s best friend Amy got for her birthday. Megan is known as a party girl while Amy is quiet and reserved. Then, one day, Megan starts talking to a guy online who goes by “Josh” and everything goes downhill from there. Megan goes to meet the guy for the first time and tells Amy about it. When she doesn’t return, Amy gets freaked out and tells the police about “Josh.” That’s where things take a turn for the worse. When Amy goes to Megan and her hiding spot, she gets kidnapped by “Josh.”

It shows you how badly he treated Amy. She is kept in a dark pen only wearing a bra and underwear and he would throw water on her, force her to eat with her hands behind her back and would rape her. Toward the end of the movie, you see what happens to Megan, and it’s so gruesome that the director puts warnings before he shows the pictures of what happens.

In my opinion, the movie was okay. It wasn’t as scary as people say it was, but it was disturbing and sad towards the end. This movie shows you why it’s important to be safe online and not talk to people you don’t know, and that’s what I like about it. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who gets scared easily or is young because of the topics touched upon in the movie.