“American Skin” gains popularity through Tik Tok

American Skin gains popularity through Tik Tok

The movie American Skin is a drama movie that was released on January 15 2021. It was directed by Nate Parker, and produced by Tarak Ben Anmar, Mark Burg, and Lukas Behnken. Just recently, this movie has been getting a lot of attention on Tik Tok, Twitter and many other social media platforms. 

This movie is about a marine veteran who works as a janitor who lost his son to police brutality. After trial and the officer was found innocent he takes matters into his own hands and has a personal trial to get justice for his son who lost his life.  

Not only did it show how he dealt with the circumstances but showed a perspective of officers, Black people, incarcerated people and random people doing everyday things. 

In this movie a lot of stereotypes regarding Black people were shown. It was very honest with the way it represented the way police brutality is and its true colors.

The movie setting took place in a police station where the father of the child who was murdered had officers and anyone at the police station held hostage. The father put the man who killed his son on trial, and had his own trial where random people and incarcerated people were the jury. 

The results of the jury whether the man was guilty of murder or not would end in an undecided punishment to the officer who killed his son. 

The actor Nate Parker was the father. He played an incredible character named Lincoln Jefferson. His acting made all of the scenes hard and very emotional to watch. He portrayed the role of being a hurt father who lost an innocent son to stereotypes of an officer. 

Beau Knapp played the role of police officer Mike, who murdered the child in the movie. His acting was amazing and made the movie feel very brought to life. His character shared beliefs of officers when approaching Black people. His character also developed at the end of the movie to become more understanding of the father. 

There are a lot of other famous actors and actresses who played important roles in the movie, such as Sierra Capri, Omari Hardwick, Theo Rossi, Mo McRae and many more. 

Before releasing this movie, the director presented it to a group of officers to get their input. While some of the officers weren’t too fond of it, most of them said that this movie needs to be shown during training to other officers before they can get out into the field. 

Although it may be difficult to watch such a sad movie, these things happen in real life it is important that it is shown. Personally I think people should watch it, especially if they have never been exposed to seeing the reality of police brutality. Even though you can easily see this on the news, you can’t see people’s perspectives and thoughts.

Overall I thought this movie was extremely important and needs to be seen by everyone who has access to it. This movie showed points that officers needed to see and showed how police brutality, and killing innocent Blacks is the exact same as murder. Not only did I like the movie, but I liked how it included a consequence and justice for the child who was murdered. Also showed how this is reality and that we are living this way. I enjoyed how they put different perspectives and it didn’t end with the popular “happy ending”.