CLB v.s Donda

In the music world, Donda by Kanye West, and Certified Lover Boy by Drake have been getting a lot of attention.

 Donda was released Aug. 29, and is West’s 10th number one album according to Billboard 200 charts. It took Donda over 8 days to reach 423 million, in contrast to Drake’s Certified Lover Boy, reaching 430 million in only three days.

 In Top 100 Global on Apple Music, Drake has seven tracks in the top 10, while West has the 16th spot, for “Hurricane” on Donda. In Top 100: USA on Apple Music, Drake has nine in the top 10, while West occupies the 15th spot. 

However, in an Instagram poll conducted with 83 teen voters, Donda ended up with 44 votes, leaving CLB with 39. 

    “I like CLB better because it has better beats and background audio. “Champagne Poetry” is really good,” sophomore Zeida Patino said.

“Drake’s voice is so sexy, he just be hittin’ different,” freshman Vincent Belteton said.

“If you forget about the gospel part of Donda, it’s actually good music,” junior Shahidah Kargbo said.

Overall, the two rappers have a lot going for them, and they seem to be doing well in regard to their new releases.

 They both have different purposes, angles and target audiences. West’s album was in honor of his mother Donda, who had passed away at the age of 58. Drake’s album was a “combination of toxic masculinity and acceptance of truth, which is inevitably heartbreaking,” according to Drake.