Concert that kills

On November 6, 2021, Travis Scott held a concert for up to 50,000 fans.

The beginning of the concert was quite odd and throughout the concert fans said it was like a “ritual” many of the fans who were there described it as “demonic.” As the concert went on, the surge of crowds started pushing forward and compressing the fans together, suffocating them.

Many fans passed out during the concert and many found it difficult to breathe because of how little space there was around them. “The situation I saw was absolutely traumatic, as someone who watches people…you know, I deal with CPR on a weekly basis… like this was absolutely insane,” Madeline Eskins, an ICU nurse said.

“I walk up and there’s three people and four maybe five medical staff doing compressions, doing CPR on people,” Eskins said.

The incident resulted in 10 deaths, 9 years old as the youngest in the parish. Many fans and non fans went out of their way on social media accusing Travis Scott and holding him responsible for the 10 lives that were lost.

Travis Scott should be held accountable because of the hype that was built up around it before the concert. Travis Scott knew that it was a big concert and had a history of holding big and rough concerts, but provided little resource. Travis Scott concerts have been known to be chaotic or in his terms “rage.” In 2015 when Travis was performing at a Switzerland music festival when someone attempted to steal his shoes while “crowd surfing.” Travis encouraged the fans to beat up the man who stole his shoe.

Many fans noticed Travis Scott continuously kept the show on even when there were paramedics and ambulances arriving.