Netflix: Fading Away?

Netflix: Fading Away?

Netflix has consistently proven to be a pioneer in the video-streaming industry, being one of the first companies to create a streaming platform with a variety of TV shows and movies. They continued to push the standards in 2012 when they started producing original content.

But as Netflix loses major market share due to the surge of new streaming services (HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock, etc.), and millions of subscribers, the company has been working vigorously to make up lost ground.

Netflix recently introduced an ad-supported tier, plans on not allowing users to share passwords, and canceling TV shows?

Netflix has always been known for canceling TV shows before they had a proper ending, but Netflix seems to have gotten worse. In 2022 alone, Netflix ended 30 different shows, and only 10 of them had proper endings.

“I had started watching a good TV show, but after finding out it was canceled, I was a little sad but since I still haven’t finished it I’m thinking if I should continue to show,” sophomore Orlin Arriola said.

This sentiment is felt by lots of Netflix users who find that their shows were canceled before major plot points are resolved.

And you might think that Netflix just cancels shows that had low ratings and/or viewerships, but that is not the case. Shows like Fate: The Winx Saga, which dominated the Top 10 of all Netflix shows, were canceled after one season.

“It was very disappointing to hear the news that the show was canceled, especially since it ended on a cliffhanger,” sophomore Cadence Ayers said.

Although Netflix has disappointed a lot of people, it remains the most popular streaming service with over 220 million subscribers.

“Even though Netflix has canceled many of my favorite shows, it’s the only streaming service I have so I’m going to stick by it,” sophomore Kimberly Gonzalez said.