TXT’s New Album:Temptation Review


Tomorrow by Together, the Kpop group has reached its highest sales and streams with their new EP, The Name Chapter: Temptation. The five songs in the album are individually unique in its own way, having a new storyline making it very important for the album to be played in order.

In particular, the two songs that struck out to me the most from this album are Devil by the Window, and Farewell, Neverland. I will go in depth with the other songs, but I will talk about Devil by the Window first as it comes first in the album.

Devil by the Window

My first impressions of the song was that it was an eerie song, reminding me of another song that TXT wrote, Eternally. These two songs are very different in terms of meanings, however in similarity, they both have a chord progression that contrasts the main melody of the song. It is something like an unexpected change. Because this album focuses on the original story of Peter Pan , Devil by the Window is the introduction of how children are easily swayed into listening to others, making bad decisions that they don’t seem to understand until the truth is revealed. When it is revealed, there is no way to escape from it. The song is really catchy for an English song, something that TXT has always been well at. For an opening song, I really enjoyed the lyrics and the meaning as it defined what the album would be about.

Sugar Rush Ride

Sugar Rush Ride is the title track in this new album and since its release has surpassed the stream views from their debut song, Crown. While the song lyrics don’t really contribute to the overarching storyline Peter Pan, their music video references a lot of aspects of Neverland. Because this song has a music video, there is choreography to it. When I first watched the choreography in the music video it made me feel awe, because the dance moves are difficult, but the members were able to perform so well. After researching a little bit, I found out that one of their hand moves at the lines “Gimme More” references sign language, which I thought was a cool addition that got incorporated. The lyrics are also quite catchy, especially the chorus which is to be expected. The song still references the Devil, which could refer to Peter Pan, and overall it is interesting. For this song in particular, I really enjoyed the pre-chorus, as well as the verses leading up to the outro. It’s a very upbeat song.

Happy Fools

Happy Fools is another upbeat song in this album. The Chorus in this song is very repetitive, and while it sounds like a bubbly song, in the list of songs that come up, I think it would be ranked as my 4th or 5th song in my list for this album. I like it a lot, but there are just three other songs that caught my eye before this one. The song describes that people shouldn’t worry about the future and what is to come ahead, and that people should just be “Happy Fools”. This song features a collaboration with another artist, Coi Leray, and it’s interesting to see how the two artists created the lyrics and which artists sang what. I think one thing that surprised me was how in the lyrics the artists themselves are referenced in the song, and it isn’t something that is usually referenced in the music I listen to. Happy Fools to me feels like a casual song, and something I could listen to occasionally, or as background music for doing work.

Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock)

When I first listened to the preview of this song, I was in awe, because the song sounded so magical, and part of the reason why is because of the instrumentals of the song. The instrumentals in this song focused a lot on drums which makes this song very unique in terms of TXT’s whole discography. As per usual to TXT’s style of music, this song has upbeat instrumentals while the opposite can be said about the lyrics. The songs that have this type of style I find I can relate to a lot, and some lines of this song that are my favorite are “Waiting for every second, I want to become a rock” and “What is my existence? Give me an answer I think being a rock, I think it would be good”. I remember when I first heard the song lyrics it reminded me a lot of their other song Runaway (9 and ¾ quarters) where it talks about wanting to escape the feeling of sadness, and the feeling of being drained from problems mentally. Other than its minor depressing lyrics, I enjoyed the song a lot, and highly recommend that people should give it a listen.

Farewell, Neverland

Farewell, Neverland is the final track in this album, the one that I think resonates with me the most, in terms of lyrics and more. This song is really amazing, as it talks about a boy leaving Neverland, a beautiful place that was a getaway for a period of time, and how they have to accept reality and return to the real world Some of my favorite lines of this song are “Neverland, my love, goodbye now, And I’m free falling , Sleep well, everyone ‘Til I be calling.” . In terms of lyrics I think overall they make the song very relatable and special because for those entering into adulthood for the first time, or coming to that point, because they have much more responsibilities and they can’t be as carefree as they were before. This can also be applied to adults growing older and older too.There is not too much to say about the song that I already mentioned in other places, but it’s a wonderful song to conclude the EP.

In summary, I give this album a 10/10. If not, even more if I could rate it higher. The lyrics are wonderful, and each member of the group worked so hard to ensure this album’s success. Although my opinions on the album are one out of the many fans of this EP, this album is most certainly a worthwhile listen. Some of the songs might surprise people, but they are engaging, and magical as the songs allude to.