Honor societies lead to success


Members of the first National Honor Society in 1957. Some activities that they began are College Nights where juniors and seniors talk to representatives from many colleges. They would also offer scholarships to their members by raising money through bake sales.

Katie Pope , Photo Editor

We often associate honor societies with college. Most people have the mindset that if they join an honor society, they have immediate access into colleges. But how much of that is true?
National Honor Societies differ from most other high school clubs.
There are a variety of different National Honor Societies available to students, such as the Math, Science, English, Social Studies and even Theater National Honor Societies.
Although the application process for National Honor Societies is more rigorous than it is for regular clubs, I think joining an honor society is worth the process. The fact that everyone cannot just join an honor society makes the club more significant to academic achievements and morality. Being in an honor society can reveal great character and emphasize morality. That’s another line to add on college applications.
Another reason to join the club is all the opportunities that come with it. Most honor societies will already have planned, organized community service opportunities.
“Being a participant in a National Honor Society benefits students in the way that they get to serve the school community and also serve the community at large,” social studies NHS sponsor Steven Zaret said.
Students simply need to sign up and show up to gain school required community service hours. Take advantage of the events offered through National Honor Societies because it’s a great approach to becoming involved with a school and neighborhood community.
A few things just the Social Studies Honor Society does within the school includes making announcements for Black History Month, creating videos for Women’s History Month, and updating the Social Studies Display case. “This year, we will be bigger and better!” Zaret said.
As for the Math National Honor Society, it competes in competitions approximately every month, also known as math meets.
“I participate in math meets because I think it’s a great way of improving my math skills, as it [math] can be challenging sometimes. The math meets challenge me which helps to improve my overall intelligence,” said junior Michael Woldeab.
Competing in friendly, but challenging competitions can enhance one’s intellectual abilities as well as social abilities and is another great experience that can be included on college applications, as well as job resumes.
Even though there is a lot of responsibility that comes with being a part of an honor societiy, a lot of responsibility also falls on the sponsor. Currently, the National Honor Society is looking for a sponsor.
All clubs need students to fill leadership positions where they can learn organizational skills, social skills, leadership skills, confidence, and more. Clubs are also a great way to meet new people and make friends who have similar interests.
Participation and involvement in an honor society can greatly increase the chances of obtaining a job at a young age. Doors may open and students gain useful connections which may help for future references and job opportunities.
Additionally, being a senior in a National Honor Society can qualify a student as eligible to apply for a scholarship. The scholarships can range from $2,300 to $22,000 or even more. Just look up ‘National Honor Society scholarships’ and a galore of possible scholarship links will appear.
Most importantly, committing to a National Honor Society motivates students to achieve and maintain good grades throughout the year. It gives them encouragement to try their best in school, help out the community, and be an over all honest and good person.