Why the MYP Project is pointless

Suad Mohamed, Editorials Editor

Next week, after months of research and hard work, select sophomores will present their MYP Projects.
The MYP Project, sometimes called the Passion Project, is a long term research project that sophomores work on through their English class.
The project is made up of six journals that entail each step of the research process. Students can choose any topic to work on.
Topics range from writing music to baking goods.
While the vagueness of the instructions for the project makes it seem like the project is easy, it can actually become a burden and is quite arbitrary.
Teachers claim that the project is valuable because it helps students figure out what they want to study in college.
In reality, most people just pick random topics so that they can just get the assignment over with.
The structure of the assignment also puts a cramp on the creative process.
Some people don’t follow the steps of the journals naturally, and the MYP Project forces them to. Others do not communicate well with their supervisors.
This in turn makes the project difficult to complete.
Additionally, for most English classes, the project is just a completion grade. There’s no incentive for students to do well and put effort into the project.
This has become more evident this year because now only certain people will get to show their products to the school, whereas in previous years everyone had to.
The MYP Project is a waste of students’ and teachers’ times.
There’s no point in making students’ complete an assignement if most people don’t put any effort into it.