It’s Academic slow to buzz in


Junior Olivia Buckley, senior Andy Tran and junior Kevin Kwok prepare for the group round of the competition.

The It’s Academic team competed in a playoff match today, Mar. 2, at NBC Studios. AHS was up against two schools from Maryland: Walt Whitman HS and Montgomery Blair HS.

Senior captain Andy Tran and juniors Olivia Buckley and Kevin Kwok competed against the two schools. The final score was AHS 300, Walt Whitman 565 and Montgomery Blair 630.

Prior to the taping, the members of the team were very anxious.

“I’m very nervous,” Kwok said. “I’ve been preparing since 2 a.m. this morning.”

Despite the hours they spent practicing and his three years of experience, however, Tran didn’t have high hopes for victory.

“They’re strong; I wouldn’t get my hopes up,” Tran said. “Montgomery Blair is the team I hate the most.”

English teacher Cynthia Sebring did not share the sentiment.

“I think they have every chance of going to another playoff and maybe winning,” Sebring said. “They have a chance as good as everyone else.”

The team practices every Friday in preparation for competitions that consist of three teams attempting to accumulate the most points by pressing a buzzer for the opportunity to answer questions.

“We practice every Friday,” It’s Academic co-sponsor Kathlyn Berry said. “Sometimes we stay late.”

As such, the loss wasn’t attributed to a lack of preparation. Montgomery Blair and Walt Whitman often hit their respective buzzers before the other two teams, sometimes in the middle of a question.

“The other teams were quick on the buzzer,” Berry said. “But they did great today.”

Sophomore Amelie Trieu, a member of the team who did not compete, was unhappy with the final result.

“I was very upset by the results,” Trieu said. “But I have to admit the Maryland teams were really good.”

The show will air April 7 on NBC 4.

“It’s good to see bright, energetic people representing your school,” Sebring said.