New traditions discussed at senior class meeting


Seniors gathered in the auditorium for their first class meeting of the school year during W4. Class officers made announcements about senior dues, Prom, Homecoming, fundraisers and the end of the senior stampede tradition.

“I thought the meeting went really well,” senior class officer Gunnar Thompson said. “Everyone seemed exciting about Homecoming week and Prom.”

Graduation coordinator Cindy Hook announced that senior dues would be collected during English classes on Sept. 26 and 27. The dues are $62, and can be paid with cash, checks made out to AHS or money orders.

The officers announced that Prom would be held at the Tysons Corner Marriott on June 7. The announcement was met with mixed responses from the seniors.

“I think it’ll be nice, I’m sure the officers worked hard trying to find a nice place for us,” senior Victoria Beasley said.

An issue several seniors were upset about was the fact that they would not be allowed to run in a senior stampede at the end of the year. Assistant principal Pamela Gravitte explained that the cancellation was because of injuries that happened during the stampede last year. She encouraged seniors to think of new ideas to replace the senior stampede tradition.

“I’m really bummed about it because it’s something that the seniors have been doing ever since we’ve been here and it’s something we were all looking forward to,” Beasley said. “I feel like some people will try to do it anyways, but the administration will probably not let them walk at graduation.”

“You don’t start a tradition by voting on what to do,” senior Clark Girardin said. “It’s something that happens that people continue to do every year.”