Sophomore class gears up for Homecoming parade


It’s a timeless tradition: the homecoming float competition. Each class builds their own themed float, hoping to win first prize.

“Building the float is my favorite homecoming tradition because you get to make a lot of new friends,” sophomore Class President Soriya de Lopez said. “You also get to express your imagination and creativity, which is a lot of fun.”

The theme for all the homecoming floats this year is “City of Lights”. Each class has chosen a city to depict and in the weeks before homecoming students will create a float based on their city. The sophomore class chose to build a float based on New York City. “There are a lot of landmarks and buildings that we can incorporate into our theme,” de Lopez said.

There is a second theme to float building – the downfall of the football rival. Every class must make a slogan that emphasizes the defeat of the opponent. We will be playing the South County Stallions this year. “We hope to convey the message that we are going to beat the Stallions,” de Lopez said.

As our football team prepares to compete against South County, our float building also heightens the competitive spirit between the classes. “Only tell Sophomores where we are building it,” de Lopez said. “People might sabotage it.”

Students who live near the school are typically those who host the building of their class float. These generous hosts donate their space, running the risk of being blamed if something goes wrong. The sophomore float hostess, Megan Pendergast, has no problem with the float being built in her driveway. “I like to host because if I have the space – why not share it?” Pendergast said. “It’s an awesome bonding experience and a great way to spend a Saturday.”

The most important aspect of float building is the building of class spirit. Students collaborate with their fellow classmates to create something that they are proud of. “We all work together and brainstorm together,” Sophomore Vice President Annika Hackfeld said. “It’s all about school spirit.”

The four classes will show off their floats in the parking lot before the football game on Friday, Oct. 26, to be judged by selected teachers and administrators. The rankings will be announced later in the evening. This year, the winning float will earn its class five hundred dollars.

After the judges make their decisions, there will be a homecoming parade around the Annandale community. The parade features the many talents that make up AHS: The Marching Atoms, various sports teams, a multitude of club banners, and inevitably, the four class floats. “I like the homecoming parade because it shows off all our hard work,” Hackfeld said.

So what is the best part about float building? Anyone can get involved! If you have any ideas, or if you are interested in helping out, contact your class representatives or class sponsors. With the right amount of creativity, determination, and friendly competition, the floats of Homecoming 2012 could be the best yet. Happy float building!