Students must register their personal electronic devices

Students must register their personal electronic devices with AHSs IT personnel.

Sarah Bergen

Students must register their personal electronic devices with AHS’s IT personnel.

On Jan. 2 during the morning announcements, Principle Vincent Randazzo spoke to the school about AHS’s Personal Electronic Device policy.

Over the recent winter break, many students received new electronics such as tablets like the iPad, iPhones and laptops as Christmas presents. Since these new electronics were received over the break, students have not had a chance go register them with the school. Principle Randazzo made a point of how every electronic device used at school must be registered if a student would like to use it.

“I think the school’s electronic policy is too strict,” junior Xavier Arias said.

If a student is caught using their electronic device, such as their cell phone, and it is not registered, they are at risk of getting it taken away. Teachers are required to take phones away if they see it out during the school day, including in hallways, if it is not registered.

But registering a phone does not give a student immunity against all cell phone policies. If they are using their phone, it must be for educational purposes, and they are not allowed to use it for personal communication.

Many students believe the recent Twitter scandal also brought up this reminder from the principle.

“I think all the Twitter drama made the school become stricter about the electronic policy,” junior Amy Reynolds said.

Because most of the tweets took place during school hours, under the new electronic device policy, administrators know that students have been misusing the privilege of being able to use phones during school, especially during Atom Time.

To register a device, students must download and sign the correct forms from the school’s website, then go to the cafeteria after school any Wednesday to register their electronic device with the school’s two IT personnel. Once the device is registered, students are given a gold FCPS sticker with a unique barcode to identify the device. Students are encouraged to register their devices as soon as possible.