Students anticipate spring break


Sarah Metzel

Assistant principal Jamie Carayiannis wants to remind students to be safe and responsible during spring break.

Spring break: the week long vacation is a much-welcomed breath of fresh air after spending months indoors. While some students are looking forward to rest and relaxation, others are planning for important events in the upcoming week.

“I am going to sing in front of Congress for the medal of honor ceremony,” sophomore Bee Coaquira said. “We’ve had so many concerts already that I’m getting kind of tired.”

Coaquira performs with the World Children’s Choir. This will be Coaquira’s fifth time performing for the Obama family. The first time was at the State Department in honor of the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Her second event was at the Kennedy Center, followed by a concert here at AHS to welcome first lady Michelle Obama. Most recently, she performed at the Inauguration.

In elementary school, Coaquira found a flyer for World Children’s Choir in a public library.

 “My mom knew how much I loved to sing, so I auditioned,” Coaquira said. “I’ve been able to participate on a full scholarship ever since.”

This selective group of singers performs at prestigious events to honor world cultures. As a member, Coaquira is offered the opportunity to travel and meet famous figures.

“ I have the concert on Monday, and that’s it,” Coaquira said. “After that I’m just going to be bored.”

While some students are involved in events outside of school life, others anticipate spending time with friends in the AHS community.

“I plan on partying [a lot] and hosting a party where people can have fun,” senior Emilien Krukowicz said. “I’m not doing my homework.”

Assistant principal Jamie Carayiannis is looking forward to spending time with his family over the break and enjoying the nice weather.

“I’m going down to Virginia Beach to visit my parents and go boating with my kids,” Carayiannis said. “I also plan to take my daughter to get her learner’s permit. I always emphasize that safety is the most important aspect of driving.”

The week of spring break is notorious for its injuries and accidents. Students who have been kept indoors for weeks will finally get the chance to leave the house and blow off steam. Carayiannis advises against letting friends drive under the influence.

“Believe it or not, in a [dangerous situation], parents would like to be called,” Carayiannis said. “Most kids don’t know that their parents’ number one priority is their safety, even when they’re in trouble.”