Music Department gears for annual spring trip


This weekend, the Annandale Atoms band and orchestra will be traveling to Orlando Florida. The band and orchestra plan to compete while in Florida with other high schools around the country.

The Atoms Marching Band will perform in a parade through Universal Studios, and members from the marching band are also performing in the Annandale concert band. Along with performing, the band and orchestra will be able to go to SeaWorld and Universal Studios.

“I’m excited to get out of school for a couple days, spend time with band friends, to hopefully get some sun and to visit Universal for the first time! I’ve been to almost all of the other Orlando parks, but haven’t been to Universal yet” Junior Sara Prince said. Prince is in the Atoms Marching band, as well as the symphonic band and plays the flute and piccolo.

In previous years the music program has traveled to Disney World, Atlanta, Georgia and Myrtle Beach. For the past few years only the members of the Atoms Marching Band were able to go, but this year members from every ensemble had the opportunity to go on the trip.

“I’m really excited for the roller coasters because of the adrenaline rush and to spend time with friends.” Senior Errol Arcienega said, who is currently a member of the AHS symphonic orchestra and plays violin.

Other high schools from around the area including JEB Stuart will also be at the competition along with Annandale.