Music Man Review


Courtesy of Briar Creek Photography

Barker as Professor Harold Hill holds up one of the instruments used in the boys’ band.

On March 27, 28 and 29 the AHS Theater Department put on their rendition of the classic play The Music Man by Meredith Wilson. The play is set in a small midwestern town just prior to World War I. It is centered around the endeavors of a traveling salesman, Professor Harold Hill (James Barker), who, at this point in time, is selling boys’ bands. The only problem is that Hill has never studied music in his life, and he has no experience leading a boys’ band whatsoever. Hill comes to the small town of River CIty, Iowa and is all set to pull off another con on these unsuspecting townspeople. To Hill’s surprise, he comes across an old friend of his, Marcellus, who helps him to pull off his latest scam. In order to do this, Hill courts the town’s librarian and music teacher, Marian Paroo (Gabi Montez de Oca). Throughout the course of the play, Hill falls in love with Marian and eventually, cannot bear to leave her at the end of his time in River City. Hill’s love for Marian eventually gets him caught by the local authorities, only to be saved by the boy band that he created for a con.

Barker and Montez de Oca put on quite as show as the two main characters. Both used a large display of emotion as well as stunning singing voices to draw the audience into the show. The group performances were also entertaining, such as the pool table number and the number that takes place with all of the salesmen on the train. The sets were well crafted with colors standing out in the background on the stage. Along with the sets, the props were useful, and the pool table provided for an engaging number. The entire theater department did a very good job of getting the audience involved with their publicity as well as the play itself, with Barker even sitting on an audience member during the chase scene. All in all, the show was put on very well and the cast did a fantastic job, and seemed to have fun in the process.