Homecoming traditions starting up once again

Homecoming traditions starting up once again

With homecoming just around the corner, students are enthusiastic for the traditions coming their way. Homecoming week is filled with excitement as students’ gear up for the main event.

Prior to the dance school sponsored activities take place everyday. Spirit week, where students get to show their school spirit by dressing in different themes everyday, are Tropical Tuesday, Roll-Out-of-Bed Wednesday, Alter-Ego Type Thursday where students dress like teachers, and Atomic Friday; freshman wear red, sophomores white, juniors face paint, and seniors togas.

During spirit week on October 16 powered puff at 6 and bonfire following at 7. The Friday before homecoming there will be the parade at 4 and the HC football game, as we take on Woodson.

The homecoming courts winners have been announced. The court is;



Liam Conroy  Ana Canales


Amir Sajanie   Jeanine Barakat


Cody Regan    Erin Johnson


Steven Schwartz        Amanda Filsoof

Michael Tran           Rebecca Yohannes

Kyle Peich                Sarah Prince

Lewis Folli              Melissa Pratt