Six steps to prepare for spring sports


Katie Pope

Jay Pendarvis (Left) and Tarik Darwiesh (Right) stretch in order to prepare for a run during a Green Day for track.

Jude Nanaw and Ethan Zimmerman

With the winter sports season over half-way through, the time has come to begin to prepare for spring sports. Most tryouts for spring sports including outdoor track, softball, baseball, lacrosse, soccer and tennis will hold tryouts in the beginning of the next month. Below are tips and steps to take to ensure preperation for any spring sport.

If you have already submitted a physical examination form for a different sport this school year, then you will not need to submit one again. However, if you have not yet done so, the physical form can be found online and must be filled out.

2 COMPLETE CONCUSSION EDUCATION In addition to completing a yearly physical to participate in sports, it is imperative to complete concussion education online. Doing so will allow student-athletes and parents to know which steps and protocol to take if a concussion does occur at practice or during a game.

3 ACQUIRE EQUIPMENT REQUIRED FOR YOUR SPORT While some equipment such as uniforms and helmets are typically provided by the school for some sports, not all equipment is. Things such as lacrosse sticks, baseball bats, tennis rackets and proper footwear all must be acquired prior to tryouts.

Before attending tryouts for a sport, it is essential to shake off rust beforehand in order to be prepared. One way to do this is to attend the Green Days for the sport you intend on trying out for. Not only is this an opportunity to get into physical shape, but it is also an opportunity to meet coaches and teammates.

Along with attending Green Days, it is recommended to also begin to condition and prepare your body physically. This can be accomplished through completing a series of workouts individually as well as completing workouts related to your sport. Along with conditioning it is essential to maintain a healthy diet leading up to try-outs and throughout the season. This includes remaining hydrated.

With the completion of forms and acquiring of necessary equipment, it is extremely important to take note of the try-out dates for your sport and also take note of the time and location.