Inside the life of a swimmer


Senior Tricia Liller, a member of the AHS swim team, is what some would call a “swimaholic”. Not only is she a member of the AHS swim team, but on top of that she does year round swim with the Marlins and summer swim with the Parklawn Piranhas.

“I’ve been swimming since second grade,” Liller said. “I chose swim because I felt it was a sport I could excel at.”

Swim is very time consuming and requires much sacrifice on a day to day basis. Especially for a high school student.

“I could not do cross country this year because swim took up all my time which made me very sad. Also if I have a morning practice I cannot stay up late with my friends.”

Year round swim is also very physically draining. It takes a lot of strength and stamina to do hard workouts and practices everyday all year round.

“There are those days when I ask myself why I do swim, but then I remember I love it and would not trade it for anything.”

Liller will be participating on the AHS swim team along with the Marlins this winter season.

“I am very excited for my senior year swim season. I am also excited to see a lot of improvement within the AHS team.”