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2023-24 NFL super bowl & playoffs run down

2023-24 NFL super bowl & playoffs run down

Superbowl 58 will take place on February 11th 2024. The matchup will be the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the San Francisco 49rs at Allegiant stadium in Las Vegas Nevada.

The Chiefs advancement to the super bowl was very unexpected as many NFL fans thought that the Baltimore Ravens would end up winning the AFC championship over the Chiefs.

Junior George Bogle said, “I was not expecting the Chiefs to end up in the super bowl. The Ravens were dominating all season and all during the playoffs.” 

Sunday night, the NFL held the NFC and AFC championships which are two games where the best 2 teams in NFC play each other where then the best 2 teams in the AFC play each other. The winner of each conference plays the opposing conference in the super bowl.

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The Chiefs surprised fans in the playoffs as they beat the Ravens with the whole NFL against them.

The 49rs played pretty well this regular season ending 12-5 which got them into the playoffs.

 Since the Chiefs star tight-end Travis Kelce started dating pop star Taylor Swift, most non Kansas City Chiefs fans were not happy about her potential presence in the super bowl which sparked a universal love for the Ravens during this championship game.

Junior Cardin Tran said, “I was very sad to see the Ravens lose, the whole NFL was rooting for us and our quarterback Lamar Jackson was not performing as well as he usually does.”

The ending score of the Chiefs vs Ravens game was 17-10.

Las Vegas’s Allegiant stadium is a fully enclosed and climate controlled stadium. This will allow weather to not affect the game.

The stadium can seat around 65 thousand fans which should be a full house in Vegas on super bowl Sunday. 

This 2023-2024 NFL season has been a huge surprise for fans as lots of unbelievable outcomes have happened this year. 

When it comes to the playoffs this season, a team nobody thought would clinch the playoffs was the Green Bay Packers. This franchise holds the youngest average player in all of the NFL this season. A team this young has not seen the playoffs since the 1970s.

This young team went on the road to Texas to defeat the Dallas Cowboys which ended in the Packers win 48-32 knocking the Cowboys out of the playoffs. 

The Packers then played the San Francisco to play the 49rs where the Packers lost a very close game 21-24 which knocked the packers out of the playoffs.

The Houston Texans went to the playoffs with  C.J. Stroud, the rookie QB out of The Ohio State University, dominated in key games which ultimately led to their appearance in the playoffs. The Texans made it past the first round of the playoffs, defeating the Cleveland Browns 45-14. 


The Texans went on to play the Baltimore Ravens which the Ravens ended the Texans season after losing 10-34.


The Baltimore Ravens were the most dominant team in the regular season finishing 13-4. 

The anticipated matchup for the super bowl this year was The Baltimore Ravens vs the San Francisco 49rs. 

The 49rs were a very dominant team this season, also with a decent record of 12-5. 

During the regular season these teams met in San Francisco which led to a dominating scoring performance by the Ravens with the ending score being 33-19.  

More amazing outcomes happened this playoff run for the Detroit Lions. The Detroit Lions had not made the run for the Playoffs since 1992 before this 2023-24 season. Detroit fans were in tears after they won a very tight game against the Los Angeles Rams 24-23. 

Detroit went on to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-23 which kept the Lions season alive.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a good first playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The end score was 32-9. 

The Eagles in previous years have been a very powerful team and even won the superbowl back in 2018. 

This bad loss was not expected by NFL fans as the Buccaneers finished their regular season (10-8) and the eagles with only one more win at (11-7).

The Pittsburgh Steelers made their annual trip to the playoffs, this year facing the Buffalo Bills.

The score was 31-17 which ultimately ended the Steelers season as first round exits of the playoffs.

The Bills made it past the first round after defeating the Steelers, however they lost their chance to the AFC championship game after a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in a close game 27-24.

 Fans are excited for this year’s superbowl. 

Junior Jakob McElveen said, “I am super excited for the upcoming super bowl, the season was fun to watch with many surprises. I personally want the 49rs to come up on top because I can’t tolerate Taylor swift.”

Be looking forward to Sunday February 11th at 6:30 pm est for the 49rs vs Chiefs.


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