Tim Johnson commits to play collegiate level baseball


Senior Tim Johnson has signed to play Division 1 baseball for Saint Joseph’s college. After playing at Annandale for three years now, he is prepared and ready to take on the highest level of collegiate athletics in baseball.

Even though he is excited to work hard at college, there are some aspects of high school baseball that he will miss.

“The thing I’ll miss most is just playing with the teammates that I’ve played with since I was really young,” Johnson said. “We have had a bond for a long time, I think I’ll miss that and being comfortable with everybody on the team, having a coach that coached me back when we were 13 years old. Just the familiarity of everybody around me.”

Being committed to one sport may be hard for Johnson because he has to let go of other sports like football.

“I think I’ll miss playing football, and I stopped playing basketball two years ago so I can do that on my own time,” Johnson said.

Playing baseball has been one of his dreams for a long time, but he also gotten offers for football.

“I’ve liked baseball my whole life,” Johnson said. “It’s been my passion sport since I was young. I didn’t start playing football since eighth grade, but my true favorite sport is baseball.”

Going to a new college and having to make new friendships with brand new teammates can be hard.

“I don’t really know who’s on the team now or who’s gonna be on the team when I get there but I’ll do what I can. I’ll work hard and I’ll earn my playing time,” Johnson said.