Baseball prepares for conference quarterfinals

Junior Liam Conroy batting during a game.

Junior Liam Conroy batting during a game.

The Boys Varsity Baseball team has been successful throughout this season with a winning record. The team has a 13-7 overall record and a record of ten wins and only four losses within the conference. The boys closed out their regular season on a positive note defeating the Mount Vernon Majors by a score of 8 to 5 on May 10.

The Atoms had the third highest record within the conference (Only behind West Springfield and Lake Braddock). Because of this they earned a bye for the first round of conference. Before Saturday the boys were preparing for both the sixth seeded South County Stallions and seventh seeded T.C. Williams Titans, both teams that the Atoms have defeated before.

Going into Saturday’s first round of conference, the Stallions with a regular season record of 11-9, were heavily favored over the Titans who had a poor regular season with only four wins and sixteen losses. Despite the standings, the Titans pulled off a rather large upset defeating South County on their home field by a score of 8-2.

The Atoms will face the Titans and the odds are in their favor. This is because the Atoms have faced the Titans on two different occasions this year and defeated them both times. The Atoms squared off against T.C. on March 1, routing the Titans in a 25-12 win at T.C. Williams. They again faced the Titans on March 26 and again defeated them this time by a score of 11-1 at home. The boys hope for a similar result this time against T.C. in the Conference Quarterfinals with home field advantage.

Although T.C. has the worst record within the Patriot Conference and were only ahead to the Mount Vernon Majors in conference games won, they are not to be underestimated. It is important that the Atoms not misjudge the Titans because they proved they can win big games as they did when they defeated South County.

The Atoms worked hard in their bye week from the first round of conference and trained for whoever the opponent would be in the quarterfinals. Now knowing they would face T.C. Williams, the Atoms studied what they saw from the Titans in previous games and prepared themselves for the game.

“We felt good about going into the game against T.C.,” senior Nathan Corcoran said. The Atoms practiced situations and positions they may be in throughout the game against the Titans. “We’ve been practicing many things on field, going over blunt coverages, and first and third situations,” Corcoran said.

The Atoms are well prepared and have practiced very hard in preparation for the playoffs. With many seniors on the team this year, the boys will be fighting hard for a win against the Titans.

The Atoms knocked off the Titans in a home win late Saturday night on May 16 by a score of 5-4. Colin Corey’s home run in the 6th inning set up victory for the Atoms. The Victory allows the Atoms to continue to the semifinals to face Lake Braddock on May 18 @ Lake Braddock.