Athlete Of The Month: Katie Garish

Senior varsity athlete excited for the season


Katie Garish spins the ball on her hand during warm ups of a match

Cameron Foti, Sports Editor

Senior Katie Garish has played all four years of volleyball for AHS. This year, she is working harder than ever to get her team as far as they can possibly go.


Q: When did you start playing volleyball?

A:  I first played volleyball freshman year when I tried out.


Q: When did you first realize your love for volleyball?

A: I first realized my love for the first time I played volleyball.


Q: What made you want to start playing volleyball?

A: I started playing so it could help improve my vertical and keep me in shape for basketball.


Q: What do you do usually before a game?

A: Normally I like to hang out with the team and get hype for the game.


Q: What was the best moment in your volleyball career?

A: My best moment was during my junior year I had a game on my birthday. It was the best game I have ever played.


Q: How do you and your team celebrate a win?

A: Normally when we win the team celebrates by going out to eat


Q: How do you and your team deal with a loss?

A: When we lose we usually go back and watch film to improve and prepare ourselves for the next game.


Q: What’s the hardest thing about volleyball?

A: I would say that the hardest thing about volleyball is adjusting to how the other team plays  and knowing where they will place the ball.


Q: What do you do in the off-season to prepare for volleyball?

A: To prepare I try to go to the green days and I stay in shape by playing other sports.


Q: What is your favorite pregame meal?

A: My favorite pregame meal is a sandwich from Subway


Q: How does playing more than one sport help you in volleyball?

A: Playing more than one sport helps me in volleyball by keeping me  well conditioned.


Q: Is it difficult for you to balance school, sports, and other activities that you have?

A: Yes, it is very difficult for me to balance school, sports and my other commitments. I normally get little to no sleep.