Hawks defeat Atoms

Ave Clyburn, Staff Writer

Friday night’s last home football game of the season was a game like no other. Annandale’s class of 1966 alumni came to see the game and had reserved spots in the bleachers.

Class of 66’ graduate Steve Fred said on coming to games now vs as a student in high school “It’s a lot more fun because I’m with all my friends, had a great time today and an even better time tomorrow”.

Happy see his old high school still in action and competitive on the field Fred said “We won the state championship” while he was attending Annandale.

As the atoms made an extra point after a touchdown and the stands roared with excitement Fred declared “We’re playing great! We’re ahead, I’m pretty sure they’re gonna win this one”.

By the end of first quarter atoms and hawks were tied 7-7. At the beginning of the second quarter the atoms made a touchdown leading the game with a score of 13:7.

After the touchdown the atoms made an extra point for Annandale right after.
Hayfield made a touchdown shortly after mid second quarter, catching up to the atoms making the score 14:13.

However Hayfield missed the extra point and kicked too far to the left looking from the home side.
Touchdown for the atoms 21:13 and shortly the hawks made a touchdown soon after 21:19.
Both teams were tied at the end of second quarter with a minute and 51 seconds left. The scoreboard showed the score: 21:21.Both teams walked off the field at the end of second quarter with a tie.

The dance team had a performance during halftime. The team was decked out in matching uniforms with unique phrases spray painted on the back of their hoodies. Marching band had a stellar performance after the dance team performed.
After half time, the atoms and the hawks were pumped and ready to play to break the tie.
The hawks scored first at the beginning of 3rd quarter leading the atoms 21:28.
In third quarter with two and a half minutes left atoms were up 29:28.

Hayfield made a touchdown at the end of the quarter leaving the atoms down 29:35 until the hawks made an extra point making the score 29:36.
Unfortunately for Steve Fred and the rest of Annandale’s supporters we lost 43-50.