Girls basketball bounce back after a 0-5 start

Elias Moura, Staff Writer

The Girls Varsity Basketball team played at Thomas Jefferson High School on Wednesday, December 8th. They lost to a score of 32-58, updating their season record to 0-3.
Head Coach Jimmy Brown agrees the game could have been better, “The TJ game was tough. They had 2 very good college bound players. We did not rebound as well as I would have liked,” Brown said.
Coach Brown understands why the girls didn’t perform as well as they wanted too, and Brown puts some blame on himself, not coaching a great game. “Our girls were thinking way too much as opposed to just reacting,” said Coach Brown when asked what problem the girls had.
The girls will not let the loss get to them though, they’ll work hard and bounce back according to the coach, “we have to work on everything, but that is to be expected so early in the season. It hurts not to have one of your best players on the floor, we are without 17 points and another girl who can handle the ball which would allow Jayla more time to rest and play on the wing.” The injured girl is star player Sarah Shamdeen.
Coach Brown believes the playoffs is where the team will shine, “we keep preaching mid January, it’s not about being at your best right now , it’s about your best by the playoffs.” Senior Grace Hatch believes that improvement comes with staying positive and improving on offense by moving the ball quicker, also agreeing with her coach “we have great girls, practices are upbeat. We are going to be healthy and fantastic by playoffs , I really believe it!”
Grace believes in times like this, encouragement is key, “I try to keep my teammates up by talking to them and encouraging them, I try to be there when things aren’t going our way.”
Girls varsity basketball played at home against Thomas Jefferson but came up short, losing to the Colonials 32-58. However, the girls turned it around, playing Robert E Lee High School on December 8th at home and winning that game to a score of 49-45. Their updated record is now 1-4 on the season.
The girls look to play Chantilly High School on Wednesday, December 13. Chantilly.