Gunston district announces football honors


Erik Rivas , Sports Editor

With Atoms’ football season coming to a close. The Gunston District football awards have been distributed to different players on the team.

Head coaches from the Gunston District have voted and the awards have already been given out.

Many teams in the Gunston District that have received awards are Hayfield, West Potomac, T.C. Williams, and Mount Vernon.

Some players earned first team, meaning they are the best player in that position in the district.

While other players earned second team, which means they are the second best player in that position in the district.

The following players earned first team congratulations to senior offensive line Kevin Reyes, senior tight end Alex Bellem, senior defensive end Oussama Bougria, junior defensive back Ryan Adams, senior defensive utility player Ayman Elhag.

Athletes who get onto the first team in the district are eligible to get the All Region Awards for first or second teams.

These following players earned second team congratulations to senior quarterback Devin Gill, senior wide receiver Ayman Elhag, senior wide receiver Anthony Carter, senior running back Barron Davis, junior kick returner/ punt returner Ryan Adams, senior defensive back Traimne Allen, senior linebacker Karam Said, junior linebacker Danny Flynn, junior defensive end Pat Lee.

There were also recipients for honorable mentions, such as center junior Brian Fuentes, junior running back Dylan Weaver, sophomore linebacker Justin Scott, sophomore defensive back Robert Laatour, sophomore defensive back Idrissa Kargbo.

These players did outstanding during the season. Throughout the whole season they have shown hard work in games and practices.

“We have all worked hard as a team to achieve greatness,” sophomore Justin Scott said. “I would like to congratulate everyone for receiving an award and to thank my team also.”