Athletics continues despite Covid

Athletics continues despite Covid

Despite the COVID crisis FCPS currently faces, there is still hope for the athletics programs to save Fall 2020. Unfortunately, the iconic football games are not to be held this season leaving students and athletes to be devastated.

Sports ranging from baseball to cross country continue to train athletes for the fall season’s debut.

Programs that tend to be held in the spring have been moved to be fall sports as a result of the virus. Baseball has begun in the fall instead of spring, like many other sports. However, many are unsatisfied with their team’s unnatural training conditions and regulations. The season is far from what Annandale had hoped for.

“The Northern Virginia Baseball Travel League takes extra precautions so everyone is safe. Only four people are allowed in the dugout at a time and masks must always be worn off the field,” freshman Colin McGee said. “Our team has been doing awesome this year. I’m so excited for what the rest of the season holds.”

“I don’t like how practices are shorter or split up. The whole process is rushed and I don’t like how the practices got shorter,” senior Nick Pemberton said.

Aside from Baseball, Cross Country has been conducting practices since the summer of 2020. Since the early COVID season in March, Coach Cicerelli of cross country and Track has been assigning his athletes with workout schedules every week.

Once summer vacation began, preseason training for Cross Country had started, as well. Students participating in Cross Country find it difficult to cope with the current situation and safety procedures.

“I just don’t like the differences at all during practice. It’s just not normal how we have to keep a distance away from teammates and have the temperature tests before each practice,” junior Connor Lilli said.

It’s quite apparent that all of Annandale’s athletics programs have exhibited a strong change regarding procedures during practices. However, the athletics community is doing their best to enforce safety precautions despite the unrest amongst students.

Ultimately, all students have had their difficulties adjusting to the challenges of extra curriculars throughout the pandemic. Athletes don’t feel alone when it comes to developing a sense of coping with the virus. The school does its best to help all students with their questions and anxieties. Atoms Athletes feel that the staff and coaches are always there for support.