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The Online Edition of the Annandale High School Newspaper.

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Call in style

In today’s world many, people feel that they cannot function without their trusty cell phones. From texting to tip calculators and apps that cover everything in between, cell phones have become a basic necessity. Most cell phone users try to upgrade old phones for the latest and greatest, while others stick with the same basic models they’ve had all year. Phone companies try their best to appeal to the newest trends and what’s in demand, hoping to match phone features with personality traits of buyers.

Many people find it easy to stick to a phone that matches their personality. Having a phone that meshes with your character makes it easy to integrate it as a part of your everyday routine. For example people that need organization and structure are better off with a BlackBerry or other smartphone, where they can use the coordinated calendar to keep track of multiple things and handle e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and other alerts all in one place.

“My BlackBerry relates to my personality because I like to plan ahead and it helps me to remember everything I have going on,” sophomore Connie Tran said.

For all the text savvy users, phones are an integral connection to the outside world. Many phones offer full keyboards to accommodate the growing social norm of texting.

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“My phone has a full keyboard to text faster because I’m social and like to keep in touch with my friends,” freshmen Ally Mastrota said. Ally sends on average about 6,000 texts per month. Phones that specialize in texting are helpful with all types of communication and also bring out the talkative side in users.

On the flip side, some people have a cell phone for the sole purpose of calling and just for safety reasons. These people aren’t interested in the bells and whistles all the recent phones have to offer, they are perfectly content with a basic cell phone.

“My tracfone says I’m simple and don’t need technology,” freshmen Noah Green said. Tracfones and other standard flip phones are good examples of people not getting too dependent or attached to technology. Some believe that these people who don’t rely on the use of a high tech cell phone often have better social skills in the real world and have more street smarts.

Another simple phone is the Verizon Brigade. The Brigade has been advertised for its everywhere use and ability to survive water, shock and dust.

Sophomore James Terrell brings his Brigade everywhere with him, and said, “My phone holds true to its description, I’ve dropped it too many times to count and it’s still in perfect condition. I can also bring it to the pool without having to worry about it breaking.”

Having an indestructible phone similar to this can show that you’re clumsy and may be prone to dropping your phone often, but are smart enough to get something that suits you well.

As new phones are produced almost monthly by competing wireless companies, there is a phone out there for every personality type. When meeting a person for the first time, steal a quick glance at his phone as a little insight on his prominent qualities and see if what his phone says about him holds true.

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Megan Flynn, People Editor
Megan Flynn is a junior and is one of the People editors for the A-blast. She joined the A-blast staff her sophomore year, as a staff writer. She plays field hockey and soccer for AHS and hopes to continue being a part of the A-blast staff next year.

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