New nail trends with new season

New nail trends with new season

AHS student shows off manicured nails

As summer nears and the school year winds down, the students at AHS begin to sport their favorite summer trends. Amongst these trends, crazy new nail designs seem to find their way over the majority of the female population at AHS.

Rather than spending money and taking time out to go the salon to get your nails professionally painted, many students are talking easier alternate paths and buying the new stylish nail polish stickers. The stickers come in hundreds of different colors and patterns and they last for over a week. These stickers are also very inexpensive compared to polishes or going to the salon.

“I use the stickers a lot, mostly because the patterns are cute and I don’t have to wait for my nails to dry or worry about me messing them up when their wet,” sophomore Jennifer Nguyen said.

Besides the stick on nail polish, many girls at AHS have been flashing a variety of other trending nail polish styles. The shattered nail polish collection by OPI has become very popular and creates a more edgy look for nails.

As far as colors go, according to the runway neutrals are hot. With neon clothes being very popular this spring season, many people are toning their nails down with a classy, elegant, shade of nude or gray.

“I always like to go a little crazy when doing my nails, so the nude trend isn’t for me,” Nguyen said. “As far as the new paint trends go, I love having all my fingers but one painted the same color, I think it looks cute and unique.”