Looking your best for less


Believe it or not, the answer to almost all of your appearance struggles is not in the cosmetic aisle of the local pharmacy, but in the kitchen. Making your own natural remedies at home, rather than using store bought products has many advantages.

Most teenagers blow hundreds of dollars every year on these costly store bought products like acne cream or white strips, when they could simply make a similar and just as effective product at home for cheap.

Chances are, the ingredients in most of these recipes are already lying around your house, if not they can easily be bought at a grocery store for very little money. Ingredients like avocados, baking soda and honey have lots of health benefits and can be used in many different natural remedies.

These home remedies are very easy to find on the internet and in multiple health magazines. Due to the various economic and health benefits, a movement towards natural remedies over store bought products has become popular, even with kids at AHS.

“I found some easy home remedy tutorials on Pinterest and decided that I wanted to try some out,” junior Jennifer Nguyen said. “I tried a home-made eyelash serum and it surprisingly seems to work.”

Making home remedies with food items from your kitchen also reassures you that what you are using is natural. More often than not, products from the stores have various harsh chemicals or unknown ingredients that can cause side effects or allergic reactions.

It is very calming to know everything that is in the product that you are using. Overall, these natural remedies are much easier, safer and cheaper.