Wanelo: Making Shopping Easier


As October nears, most teens will begin the ever frustrating hunt for the perfect homecoming outfit. Shopping with a student budget is not easy, especially if you have expensive taste. Luckily, websites like Wanelo.com make it easier for teens to find the trendiest clothes and dresses while avoiding severe sticker shock.

Wanelo.com is set up like Pinterest, with photos of the trendiest items from every category imaginable from women and men’s fashion to cooking recipes and room design ideas. You can create an account for the website through Facebook, Email, or you can even download the app to have on your phone. Once you setup your account you can select the categories you want to be in your news feed and search for something specific, like a homecoming dress. Unlike Pinterest, the trendy photos posted on Wanelo, list the price of the item and link you right to the page where it can be bought, making it much easier to purchase clothing.

Nothing is worse than walking into the Homecoming Dance to see someone else wearing the same exact dress as you. With websites like Wanelo it is much easier to avoid this awkward situation. Most of the dresses that are posted on the trending website are unique pieces that you can only order from overseas. Although it is a hassle to not be able to try on the dress before you buy it and wait for it to come in, you are sure to stand out and not run into any lookalikes at the dance.

Besides shopping for homecoming, the website is extremely useful for stocking up on some of the pricier winter/fall clothing trends. From riding boots, oversized sweaters, designer jeans, to one of the kind pieces, the site helps to connect you to the trendiest online boutiques that offer beautiful clothing and accessories for agreeable prices.

Instead of sitting in hours of traffic and standing in the long lines at Tysons, log onto Wanelo.com and expand your wardrobe with just the click of a mouse!