Appropriate gifts for…



Don’t buy teachers the typical A+ teacher mug or apple shaped picture frame, the last things teachers want is more clutter on their desks. Clothes are also inappropriate.

Coffee mix, restaurant gift cards, baked goods, stationary sets, classroom supplies and candles are always great options.



Don’t spend a lot of money, just put in a lot of effort. Avoid buying gift cards because they are impersonal. Doing your chores is great, but you should do something a little more special since that’s just what they want you to do everyday.

Compile all of their recipes into a book, make a family photo album or cook a family meal for them at home.



Try to avoid picture frames or cute “couple” reminders. Don’t spend too much money on him if you just started dating, sometimes this will freak him out.

Food is always a safe bet, either take him out or cook for him. Cologne, his favorite brand of clothing, pajama pants or boxers all make good gifts.



Don’t buy your girlfriend thongs, yoga pants or anything that you consider funny but inappropriate. Chances are her parents are going to ask what you bought her and you don’t want to make a bad impression.

Gift certificates for places you can go on dates together, sentimental gifts, jewelry and perfume are nice choices.