Dressing for New Year’s Eve

Dressing for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a night where many people do their best to look fabulous and begin the new year with a bang. In order to do so, there are many tiny approaches one can use to look great while celebrating.

When people think of New Year’s Eve attire they immediately think glitter. Sparkly, showstopper dresses are a great way to celebrate in style but they are not your only option. Solid colored dresses, particularly cobalt blue and burgundy, the hottest colors this winter season, matched with sparkly accessories make for chic yet festive outfits.

Stores like Express, Guess, Nordstrom and Forever 21 are all great places to keep in mind while shopping for inexpensive sequin dresses for your holiday look. While shopping remember to not purchase a dress that you’ll only wear on New Years, that’s just a waste of money.

There is also a wide selection of accessories that you could wear to make your outfit a little more festive. Sparkly headbands, tights, knee high socks and jewelry are all trendy options to complete your outfit.

Your sparkly look isn’t confined only to your wardrobe. Changing your make up for the holidays is a fun way to make a hot New Year’s Eve look. Bright eye shadows and sparkly, smokey eyes look great for a night-outlook. Brands like Urban Decay offer a wide variety of really nice eye makeup to help complete your party appearance. Stick on face gems found at stores like Party City are a very cheap yet fun way to make a cute look.

Want to be the best you in 2013? Start off by looking the best you and using these tips to find the hottest look for your New Year’s Eve festivities.