Out with the old, in with new


As the New Year begins, many people try to reinvent themselves inward and outward to try to accomplish a complete fresh start. This year, it is key to know which trends you should embrace in 2013 and leave behind in 2012.

“I think girls should leave Toms and the high waisted shorts look in 2012, its really ugly,” junior Ronald Romero said. “Guys should leave Vans and snapbacks in 2012 and keep wearing trench coats in 2013.”

It’s safe to say that Uggs had a long run. This year, instead of spending 140 dollars on a pair of plain boots with no design that the majority of the population already owns, treat yourself to a new pair of riding boots. Riding boots have been all over the runways and brands like Frye, Aldo, and Steve Madden offer a variety of adorable, real leather boots that help make the perfect winter fall look.

“I believe we should leave the fringe trend in 2012 and bring along the leather trend in 2013,” junior Hayat Yusuf said

Other upcoming shoe trends for 2013 include studded shoes, boldly printed wedges, duck boots and Clarks for guys. Fur vests are also coming back this 2013 winter, being seen all over the runways. Some other fashion trends that are really hot this new year include studded collars, leather leggings, and leather jackets.

Students should take some time out this new year and go through their wardrobes and get rid of everything they don’t wear. The key to reinventing your style is reinventing your closet by clearing space for the 2013 clothing trends.

“High waisted jeans and combats boots need to be left in 2012 for girls,” senior Will Oviatt said.

Many students at AHS have strong opinions on which trends should be left in 2012.

“Leave the jean on jeans trend in 2012 for the sake of humanity” Yusuf said. “Also leave behind hoop earrings and jorts (denim shorts) for guys.”

Reinvent yourself this year starting with your clothes by purchasing some of the latest trends!