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Decoding Dating Body Language


First dates can be extremely nerve racking and intimidating for people new to the world of dating. Luckily, being able to read your date’s body language can help you understand what they are feeling about the experience and help ease your nerves.

If your date is fixing their clothes a lot or fidgeting don’t be alarmed. This just means that they are nervous about the date as well, and may also mean that they are trying very hard to impress you. Keep in mind that it is a first date for both of you and as anxious as you may be, they may be even more so.

Other positive body language signs include a lot of direct eye contact and smiling. If your date holds a lot of eye contact, this typically shows that they are genuinely interested and what you are saying. It’s also always very reassuring to see a genuine smile on someone’s face when on a first date. If they are fixing their hair a lot or touching their face, they’re typically trying to flirt.

“You can always tell when a guy is flirting when they make a lot of jokes trying to make you laugh,” junior Alexia Sung said.

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Don’t be afraid to flirt back, after all you’re trying to see if you have a romantic connection. On the same hand, always make sure not to go overboard on the flirting, it can come across slightly creepy and overwhelming on a first date if done too much.

There are also many ways to tell if the date is going bad by someone’s body positioning.

“If the girl is slouching and not making eye contact they’re obviously not interested in the guy or he’s really boring,” junior Alex Peros said.

Excessive fidgeting may also be a sign that they are uncomfortable and something has gone wrong. Either the date is going bad for them or they have other things on their mind.

Alarm bells should go off in your head if you see your date scanning the room. This is an immediate sign to ditch the date; he or she is more interested in checking other people out than talking to you and may not be the relationship type.

There are also many habits that we do on dates sub consciously that can give our dates the wrong impression. Folding your arms makes you come across very defensive and insecure. Folding your hands in your lap is typically read as a sign of uneasiness or disinterest. Sitting cross legged can also give your date the impression that you are resisting him or her and being standoffish.

As long as you remember to relax, smile, make a lot of eye contact, and be confident the dating experience will come much easier and rewarding to you!

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Decoding Dating Body Language