Quiz: find the perfect date for your personality


1. What’s the best adjective to describe your personality?

a. Daring

b. Timid

c. Down to earth

d. Sociable

e. Curious

2. Which show are you most likely to watch?

a. Walking Dead

b. The Bachelor

c. The Office

d. Gossip Girl

e. House

3. What food are you most likely to eat?

a. Escargot or raw fish- you’re not afraid to try new things

b. Macaroni and Cheese- You like to stick

to what you know

c. Pizza- Calorie count is not on your mind

d. Steak and a salad- classy and easy to

eat, you like to play by the books

e. Indian food- you’re always drawn to new

and foreign foods

4. Which job would you be most interested in?

a. CIA operative

b. Accountant

c. Veterinarian

d. Event Planner

e. Investigative Journalist

5. What is your dream vacation?

a. Zip-lining over the Amazon in Brazil

b. A cabin in the mountains with your


c. A relaxing weekend on the beach

d. Clubbing in New York City

e. Exploring ancient ruins in Italy

6. Which person do you most look up to?

a. Lady Gaga- you admire her individuality

b. Kristen Stewart- you can relate to how

the actress likes to stay out of the spotlight

c. Will Ferrell- you admire his great sense

of humor

d. Kim Kardashian- you admire her jet

setter lifestyle and how she is always in the

party scene

e. Barack Obama- you are interested in

politics and current events

7. Which subject are you most interested in?

a. Physical Education

b. English

c. Science

d. Psychology

e. Philosophy

8. What’s your favorite color?

a. Bright Red

b. Lavender

c. Turquoise

d. Hot Pink

e. Orange

9. Who are you most likely to listen to?

a. Chief Keef

b. John Mayer

c. Kenny Chesney

d. Katy Perry

e. Mumford and Sons

10. Which store are you most likely to shop at?

a. Urban Outfitters

b. Old Navy

c. Dick’s Sporting Goods

d. American Eagle

e. A trendy boutique


If you circled A for the majority of the questions, your perfect first date is a concert. You are very adventurous and love living on the edge. With the loud, busy environment, concert dates are an easy ice breaker and a great way to have fun while getting to know each other.

If you circled B for the majority of the questions, your perfect first date is a group date. You are very reserved and need friends to help make you more comfortable. Group dates are a great way to get closer to your date in a comfortable setting. It takes the pressure off the date and helps you be yourself.

If you circled C for the majority of the questions, your perfect first date is hiking. You are very down to earth, have a great sense of humor and you don’t need to be spoiled to have a good time. With hiking dates it’s just you, your date and nature without the distractions of the real world. These types of dates make it very easy for you and your date to get to know each other while surrounded by nature’s beauty.

If you circled D for the majority of the questions, your perfect first date is a dinner date. You are very talkative yet traditional; you’re not typically the type of person to try new things. The classic dinner date is a good way to dress up, eat great food and learn about your date’s personality and life. This type of date is in your comfort zone because you know what to expect on the date.

If you circled E for the majority of your questions, your perfect first date is a city date. You are naturally curious about the world and are very intelligent. Exploring the city along with its many museums and art galleries is a great way to have fun with your date while expanding your knowledge. The fast paced atmosphere along with the many wonders of the city is suited to your inquisitive personality.