A cultural connection


Seniors Berket Yemaneberhane and Yemi Zewdu Yimer have been dating for three months. They both have first generation immigrant parents from Ethiopia. They also share same religion, Orthodox Christian. “We have similar values, like family is important and education is always first. Both of our parents are pretty strict on education,” Zewdu Yimer said.

For both of them, this is their first relationship.

“My parents are really strict about [relationships]. They want school to be the only focus,” said Yemaneberhane.

They both agree that school is the first priority. “We try to hang out on the weekends but there’s a lot of school work” said Zewdu Yimer.

if having difficulties with your partner, Yemaneberhane suggests to communicate. “Try to be understanding, and talk about it,” he said.

Zewdu advises to “At least listen to what the other person has to say, and be best friends before you date.”