From friends to more

Students share their relationships as well as advice for others


Seniors Carly Klima and Ronald Romero have been dating for eight months.They were friends for a year before they started dating.

“I feel like being friends is a very important part,” Klima said, “[It is important to] make them laugh and get along with them, instead of just thinking they’re cute.”

Klima and Romero have the same group of friends as well.

“You don’t have to split time between hanging out with my friends and hanging out with her friend when we both have the same friends,” said Romero. “I like how smart Ronald is, and how he portrays himself in a good manner, He makes me laugh and we get along, even though sometimes we butt heads a lot.” said Klima.

“I like her smile and her hair,” Romero said. Both plan to go to University of Mary Washington. They see the relationship lasting.

“For friends who want to be more, just tell them how you feel and be straight up” Romero said.