Double and triple the trouble at AHS

Woodward triplets have different friends but still have a blast

Noah, Sarah and Zach Woodward are all seniors.

Sarah was born first, 24 minutes later came Zach and four minutes after Zach came Noah.

Their favorite memories occurred when they were young.

“I will always remember when my brother, sister and I traveled the U.S. in a motorhome with our grandparents,” Noah said.

“When we were little, my brother took our mom’s camera,” Zach said. “We played with it, took a ton of pictures and had a ton of fun. Then we got in trouble, but we never deleted the pictures.”

They all said that life would be lonely without each other, but also somewhat peaceful.

“The best thing is that you never have to be alone, but it’s also the worst thing because you are literally never alone,” Sarah said.

Sarah and Noah like to binge watch Netflix together, while Sarah and Zach goof-off and sing songs together.

“Noah and I hang out with some of the same people because we both do theatre,” said Sarah. “But we mostly have different friends because we do different activities.”

Some of the silliest questions they’ve been asked are: “Are you guys the same age?” “Do you have the same birthday?” and “How much older are your brother and sister?”

“Not having my own birthday party was/is the worst part of having twin siblings for me, but I love goofing around and laughing with them,” Zach said.

As anyone with a sibling would say, it can be hard because you are constantly being compared to your brothers and/or sisters and your parents expect all of you to be the same.


Maldonado twins share a bond

Kevin and Alan Maldonado are seniors.

Alan is older than Kevin by a minute.

“Growing up was tough because it was just my mom and me and my brother,” Alan said.

Although they do look the same, their mother rarely confuses them because she has known them so long. However, sometimes she confuses them if they go into different rooms at the same time.

The two get mixed up fairly often outside of their home, but it has been happening so long that neither really seem to care anymore.

“A funny memory I have with my brother is when we lived in Florida and got lost in a mall. My mom and the mall security found both me and my brother hanging out under a table the whole time,” Alan said.

Having a twin is a special bond that other siblings really can never understand, according to Kevin.

“You’re pretty much always together,” Kevin said. “He’s always by my side and I’m always by his side. It’s great having that bond.”

Their favorite things to do with each other are just hangout and play video games.

If one of them is bored, they can always ask the other if they want to do something, and chances are they’ll have fun.

“The worst thing about having a twin brother is getting confused, but in specific situations. If I get in trouble for something then get blamed, it really sucks,” Kevin said.

His brother, Alan, had a different opinion.

“The worst thing is when I like a girl or something, and she confuses us and calls me his name,” Alan said.

The silliest question they’ve been asked is: “Are you guys twins?” They both said that life would be very boring without their twin.


Tigabu twins compete in track

Dagim and Mahiteme Tigabu are juniors.

Mahiteme is older than Dagim by an hour.

“Growing up, the hardest thing about having a twin was when our parents made us wear the same thing almost every day and do the same activities,” Dagim said.

Although they wore the same clothes, their parents never mixed them up because they don’t look alike. Few people mix them up, but sometimes they’ll be called by the other’s name, which they said can get annoying.

“One of the funniest memories I have with my brother was when we were younger, Dagim thought he could swim and almost drowned,” Mahiteme said.

Having a twin that doesn’t look like you is the same as having a brother.

“I love talking to my brother,” Dagim said, “We trust one another and tell each other anything that’s on our minds.”

Their favorite things about having each other are having someone to give them advice, getting two times the amount of clothes and competing against each other in track. Although, sometimes it gets annoying having to share everything, because they’ve had to do that since birth.

“The worst thing about having a twin brother is that everyone compares me to my brother and asks too many questions,” Dagim said.

The silliest questions they’ve been asked are: “Are you both the same age?” and “Are you guys identical?”

They have most of the same friends, so they see each other at home and outside of home pretty often.

Without each other, it would be quiet and lonely because they’re with each other every day and night.