Q & A with Rakan Alqadi


Q: When and why did you start your business?

A: I started reselling sneakers in May of 2020. I got into the business because I enjoyed sneakers and I wanted to find a way to make money while including something I like.

Q: How do you make a profit?

A: Most of my profit is made by offering people sneakers that they wanna sell, I give them quick cash which is under the sneaker market and I sell it for around a little under market and I try to make a good amount of profit per shoe.

Q: How hard is it to find a good vendor (seller)?

A: It’s not too hard to find a vendor, but finding shoes is pretty difficult. Everyone wants to make a profit so they try to get people to pay dollar. That makes it hard to find shoes with enough room for making a profit or breaking even..

Q: How do you know whether or not the shoes you are getting are real or fake?

A:I spend a lot of time studying pairs of shoes and comparing them to those online. I also get so many of the same shoe so I’ve been able to recognize what stitching is supposed to look like, size tags, how it feels, box labels and other stuff over time.

Q: How do you determine the value of the shoes?

A: The condition is how I determine a shoe’s value. The cleaner and less worn a sneaker is, the closer it will be to the original new price. We base the used sneaker prices off an app called “Goat”.

Q: What is one of the worst experiences/ lessons you have learned while in business?

A: One of my worst experiences has been losing friendships. People put over their needs above all else and sometimes try taking advantage of me, selling me fake shoes and not giving back my money or just taking my money in general.

Q: What is one of the best experiences/ lessons you have learned while in business?

A: One of my best experiences was selling to a rapper by the name No Savage. I was really happy to know that I’m growing and expanding my business and. Being able to sell to big people like him has been cool.

Q: How many shoes have you sold and how big is your collection?

A: I have sold around 500 pairs of shoes since I first started. I don’t think my  collection is as big as people think it is. I also have about 15+ personal pairs ranging around  $200-$1000 a pair.

Q: What advice do you have for others trying to start a business?

A: One piece of advice I have for people who want to start a business is to save your money.  Don’t spend it all in one place. Patience is also key to starting a business. It will always start slow and get faster over time. You do you and always push for what you want.