Last Weekend I…


Last weekend my family and I went to Hawaii. The weather there is always warm and sunny with a high of 80 degrees, but that wasn’t the case.


Unfortunately, when I stepped off the plane it ended up being in the low 70s and rainy. But that did not stop my siblings and I from going in the water. To my surprise, the water was actually warm and I learned that it stays like that all year round which was really nice.


On the bright side, the rest of the time I was on the island O’ahu the weather was great. My family and I went to the beaches on the North Shore, Waikiki, Kaneohe, and Hauula. Each one was unique from the other and held a totally different experience.


On the North Shore, my younger Brother, Tommy, enjoyed the huge waves. Those beaches are also home the famous surfing contests known as Pipe masters.


In  Waikiki, there are a lot of beaches with many hotels. There are calmer waves which were

perfect for learning how to surf. I had never surfed before and I was so happy when

I was able to finally stand up and accomplish something I hadn’t done.


My sister, Halley, loved the beach Kailua in Kaneohe because it was very peaceful, the water

was a beautiful aqua color and the sand was incredibly soft.


The best experience was going horseback riding at Koolauloa Ranch. This

ranch was along the Hauula beaches and the coolest part was that it was where the

movie Jurassic park was filmed.


My trip over winter break to Hawaii was amazing and had the prettiest views

I had ever seen. Overall, it was a great experience and I would love to go again!