Last Weekend I: Students hold a “friendsgiving” dinner

       Last weekend my friends and I had a “friendsgiving” dinner. We planned out the night and decided to have everyone bring their own dish so that the stress of preparing all the food wouldn’t be on one person’s shoulders. 
       The reason we thought a friendsgiving dinner would be a great thing to start doing was the opportunity to make Thanksgiving a holiday for friends as well as family. 
      We’re thankful for our families but we’re also thankful for our friends. 
      Friendsgiving also seemed like a great way to spend time with our friends over the long weekend. 
Unlike we had hoped, some people (including me) could not follow through and bring the food that we had planned to bring. 
     It was not the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and stuffing, but we did have rice, macaroni and cheese and pizza rolls on our dinner table. We also had a delicious pie, and later ate some fried chicken from Popeyes. 
      To begin our dinner, we all held hands and went around the table each saying what we were thankful for. The answers varied, but the one phrase that did stand out the most was that almost everyone said they were thankful for their amazing friends and the opportunity to share their life with so many caring people. 
     One thing which really made me feel grateful was when my friend Genesis was talking about what she was thankful for. 
     She mentioned that some people don’t have any friends or anyone they could do something like this with. It made me feel grateful because I’ve been blessed to have friends who I can have fun with, and who I can go to for anything. 
    After dinner, we all sat on the big couch and played Wii Sports and listened to Christmas music. There was one moment that really stood out because we were all laughing so much about it. It happened when I played Wii bowling against my friend Lina and we accidentally tripped on the wire and then fell on the floor; we laughed so hard about it we were in tears. 
    The dinner was a huge success and made me feel very thankful for all of my amazing friends. It was a great experience and I hope my friends and I can make Friendsgiving a tradition that we follow every year.