True Food Kitchen lacks on flavor despite great service

A nice restaurant in terms of atmosphere and service, but not so much in food.


The turkey burger was dry not very flavorful or tasty.

From bowls to burgers to fish to pasta, True Food Kitchen in Mosaic District has it all. The ambiance

of the establishment was very earthy and natural with decorations like bamboo for walls and live plants all around.

The modern and decorative restaurant is a great place to indulge, but in a healthy way.

According to one of their waiters, a few of the most popular dishes include the teriyaki quinoa and ancient grain bowls.

People also enjoy the turkey burger and chopped salad which are $14 and under, and the reasonably sourced striped bass which is $26.

One of the dishes that I ordered was the lasagna bolognese with fennel chicken sausage, lemon ricotta cheese, mushrooms, spinach and other herbs. The price was $15 for a decently sized, one-person portion.

The dish was not at all what I was expecting. It was more of a soup and did not resemble a normal lasagna.

Although I personally did not appreciate the texture, it certainly was a unique take on an otherwise common dish. In addition to the lasagna being soupy, there were some crunchy parts that might have been tomatoes and onions which did not add to the dish.

There was also fennel in the dish which did not mix well, giving it an overall bitter off-taste. I am not a fan o

f fennel, but that’s just my preference, others may like the taste that fennel adds.

The other dish was the turkey burger with a side of sweet potato hash for $14. On the burger was smashed avocado, tomatoes, butter lettuce, smoked gouda cheese on a flax seed bun with a jalapeño remoulade on the side per request. It certainly was not something to rave about, especially since it lacked flavor and the meat was dry. Even the sweet potato hash was flawed.

The first bite actually tasted pretty good, but the next bite tasted bland. Not all of the sweet potatoes were fully cooked, in fact the onions were the tastiest part of the side dish. Overall the meal was not uniformly appetizing.

Contrasting the food, the service was superb. The waiter constantly refilled our drinks, asked if

we needed anything and delivered our food quickly. He was very accommodating and he answered all my questions about the restaurant in great detail. He even gave me a menu to take home.

I personally would rate this restaurant a 2.5/5 stars. My overall experience at True Food Kitchen was a disappointment due to the food, so we decided skip dessert.

True Food Kitchen is located in Mosaic on 2910 District Ave. which is approximately 12 minutes away.