Froyo obsession


As the summer season gets hotter and hotter, a new craze over frozen yogurt has swept over the student population at AHS. Frozen dessert is not only delicious, but is a healthier alternative to ice cream and gelato.

Rita’s, Tutti Frutti, Sweet Frog, Sweet Berry and Josie’s Frozen Yogurt in Annandale have become hot spots during the summer months. Frozen yogurt is a low fat alternative to ice cream and offers a variety of health benefits. The sweet treat also offers high levels of calcium for bone health. One cup of frozen yogurt without toppings is on average 220 calories, while a cup of ice cream contains about 300 calories on average.

Frozen yogurt stores also offer a variety of unique flavors including apple pie, cake batter, cappuccino, carrot cake, Georgia peach, egg nog and many more. They also have many topping options including oats, nuts, fruit, chocolate chips and multiple types of candy. The frozen yogurt store, Sweet frog is known for their very large list of flavor choices. Customers have the option to mix and match flavors and add as many toppings as desired, with each frozen yogurt being charged by weight. There are an endless amount of flavor possibilities when it comes to frozen yogurt treats.

With the extreme heat and high pressure to maintain a nice beach body, frozen yogurt is the newest craze. Cupcakes are out and frozen yogurt is the newest craze during this summer season.