Students interested in entertainment industry: Skye Lindberg

Senior Skye Lindberg is the president of the Thespian Honor Society and plans to pursue an acting career in film and theater. She is currently starring in the spring musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and was the student director of VHSL’s A Streetcar Named Desire in January.

Q: How do you see your career progressing after high school?

A: I think that since I took a Professional Musical Theatre and Actors Studio academy class at Fairfax High School for the past two years, I am very prepared to step out into the real world of theatre. I will hopefully act throughout college in college productions and summer stock theatre, in order to get more experience for when I get out of college.

Q: Who are your influences?

A: I am influenced by so many people. Some of my favorite actors that I look up to are Dennis Quaid, Jane Lynch, Grant Gustin and Jennifer Aniston. I enjoy reading different actor’s autobiographies because its great to see what actually happens in the business. My past drama teacher Mr. Clark has been a constant influence and role model throughout my high school years. My academy teacher, Mr. Replogle has also been a great role model and I think he’s prepared me for the real world more than anyone else.

Q: If there was one show/part you could play, what would it be and why?

A: If I could play any part ever, I’d probably play Tracy from Seascape with Sharks and Dancer or Sophie from Mamma Mia. I really like the strong leading lady that these characters portray and the shows themselves are very different and would be challenging, but they’d be fun at the same time! I’d also really like to play Amber from Hairspray because come on, how fun would that be?

Q: Do you have any advice for someone looking to pursue the career you are interested in?

A: If you are interested in acting, the main piece of advice I’d give to you is to be ready to give your life into learning this craft. It’ll take everything you have in order to train, especially if you’re starring in high school. When I say train I don’t necessarily mean taking classes (even though you’ll need to do that) but it takes a lot of drive and dedication. You also have to be content with the fact that you must take every part you receive, even if its not the lead or the one you want, in order to have a meal each night. Luckily I love acting so much that I’m perfectly content with living in a box for the rest of my life as long as I’m doing the thing I love. Actors aren’t guaranteed success, and you may never make it onto the big screen. Don’t act for fame because if you aren’t invested, you won’t get anywhere.