Tinder: the newest cyber craze


From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Tumblr, teenagers are constantly engulfed in the world of social media. But lately, a new app has caught many students eyes; Tinder.

Tinder is an app very similar to Match.com or E-harmony. The app shows you profiles of people within a certain mile radius of you, who you could possibly be ‘matched with”. Each member has their own profile with five photos of them, their age and first name displayed.

To be matched with someone, you and the other person must like each other’s profile. Once you are matched, you have the option of messaging that person.

“Tinder is a fun app where people can meet each other and hopefully become good friends,” junior Kyle Peich said. “A lot of people use this as a joke to mess around with people but the people that take it serious actually have a good time.”

Many people find the anonymousness of Tinder to be very appealing; people are unable to message each other until they mutually like each other’s profiles.  But others find the premise of meeting people who they don’t know on the Internet off-putting.

“I have an account but I feel like it’s kind of weird meeting strangers. Plus, people who you’re matched with message creepy and inappropriate stuff most of the time,” junior Michelle Burnett said.

If used correctly, the app is a great icebreaker and a good way to connect with new people who live in close proximity.

“My friend Austin and I met up with some people that we were matched with in Reston and they were pretty cool to hang out with,” Peich said.

Although Tinder can be very fun and appealing, it is very important to be cautious when it comes to meeting up with people who you’ve met online, you can never be too careful!