Dance work-out offers exciting exercise


People seeking a high-intensity workout are flocking to Kazaxe (kah-zah-shay), an organization started by the dance instructor Azuka Bom. Dance lovers and amateurs alike will enjoy shaking it to the sexy beats and contagious rhythms of Kazaxe.

“At first I was a little intimidated because I thought it was going to be hard,” senior Alina Garcia said. “But it turned out to be a lot of fun,”she said.

Located at the Annandale Sports Center in the Springfield Industrial Park, Kazaxe offers a unique exercise experience. Class participants dance in a large room with high ceilings in a building similar to a warehouse. The setting resembles a rave or night club, with loud music and colorful flashing lights.

Though the atmosphere might be misleading, Kazaxe is family friendly. In the lobby there are vending machines, tables and even a piano for children whose parents are participating in a class. Since the music is clean and earbuds are free, many parents take their children into classes with them. The aerobic dancing can be a great outlet for kids cooped up energy.

Members of the Kazaxe community represent a spectrum of different ages, ethnicities and body types. Though most participants are women, there are always several men in the crowd and on stage dancing alongside women.

“The best part about Kazaxe is that you are working out, but it does not feel like a workout,” Garcia said. “After my first day I was sore for four days.”

Though participants might be sore the next day, after the class people will feel satisfied and happy with the results.

“I like how everybody is focused on their own techniques,” Garcia said. “It is a very good environment to perform.”

Classes are offered every day of the week by five different instructors. Each leader has her own unique style, and the choreographed songs of the playlists range from American hip-hop to Latin bachata. The most popular time slots are weekday evenings at 7:40 and 8:50 p.m. The first class is always free.

“I think the classes are awesome,” Garcia said. “I plan on going to many more in the future.”

At Kazaxe newcomers will find a refreshing environment where people are encouraged to overcome their exercise inhibitions. Whether you are young or old, small or big, male or female, this inclusive form of aerobic dancing helps you release negative thoughts.

The optimistic outlook is right there in the name: “Kazaxe” is shorthand for “Casa de Axe,” with “Axe” meaning positive vibes.  In other words, Kazaxe is the house of positive vibes. Participants get the chance to dance and release some mood-boosting endorphins that naturally come from physical exercise.

“I originally thought I was not  going to like it, but in the end it was a lot of fun,” Garcia said. “I think everyone should try it out.”

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