Empire takes over FOX Network


Photographer: Chuck Hodes

The idea is to take over and be the best, but what do you choose, your family or the kingdom? Over a millions viewers tune in every Wednesday night to watch who conquers in the newest FOX News musical drama series, Empire.


Multiple students at AHS come to school Thursday morning gossiping about their favorite characters and the chilling climax. The show has recently made headlines for being the first show in 23 years to raise a constant million view every week. The devoted fanbase continues to climb in ratings has the show goes on and the buzz gets louder.


“At first I wasn’t going to watch the show but after the premiere and hearing my friends talk about how good it was I checked out the show and was instantly hooked,” senior Blin Kebrom said.


Academy Award winning actors Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson star as main characters, Lucious and Cookie Lyon. Twenty years ago, the couple spent their time together hustling and trying to make it in the music business. Both were drug dealing large amounts of concentrated substances to create money for their project and eventually were caught right before their big shot. Cookie Lyon served their sentence and was incarcerated for 17 years while Lucious became a music mogul, entrepreneur, and founded of multi-million dollar music label, Empire Enterprise.


The show jump starts to Cookies’ release and fight for her rights to the company. She is at ties in the battle by her three sons, Andre, Jamal, and Hakeem. Since she’s been gone, Andre, played by Trai Byers, has married high status and power hungry, Rhonda (played by Kaitilyn Doubleday), and helps his father regulate the company’s business ventures. Jamal, played by Jussie Smollett, is a homosexual singer fighting for his father respect and his music dream with his mother by his side. Lastly, Hakeem is the spoiled rapper constantly cared and protected by his father due to his immature behavior that causes news controversy.


Lucious tries to pick one of his sons to care for the company while secretly battling ALS and dangerous haters. He has his company associate and fiancee, Anika (played by Grace Greasley), and his long-time friend, Vermon (played by Malik Yoba), by his side. As the competition escalates, tensions from the past, relationships, and secrets arise as well.


Seniors Blin Kebrom and Sara Abraham are dedicated fans that are always discussing about the drama portrayed in the show. Even social media sites like Twitter have started popular hashtags promoting characters.


“It’s so different from the other shows out right now and so much happens in each episode, there’s never a dull moment,” Kebrom said. “My favorite character is definitely Cookie (#teamCookie). She’s so raw and real, it’s so interesting watching her try to rebuild her life and regain what’s hers (the company).”



“I love watching Empire. It’s so addicting and so action/drama filled,” Abraham said. “I enjoy watching the family dynamic, it’s very different and unlike anything portrayed on television.”


“My favorite character is Jamal. He’s so genuine and is trying to make a name for himself. I can’t wait for the rest of the season.”


Overall, the show is one of the most entertaining on TV today. It challenges the redundant plot of a father pinning his family against each other and the absent mother trying to bring them together. The show also bring up controversial topic in the music industry and the real world like homosexually, drug abuse, illnesses, and loyalty. Each episode, a character develops has the fallen deeper into the dark music world and get sidetracked by their past.
“If you don’t already watch Empire, I highly suggest you start,” Kebrom said.